Lea’s has become a place where I with sister and friends meet to feel good. It is not only the clothing store and the styles available that make Lea’s so exceptional…we believe it is Lea. She can take one look and say …. oh, you might like this…and goes to the same darn rack you had just been to and picks out something you overlooked. You put it on and BAM…it not only looks great but it makes you feel great. We have never left feeling the same as when we walked in. Always fun, laughter, and uplifting…this store is like no other. Feeling blue? Go to Lea’s. Feeling like you want some new style or look? Go to Lea’s…Want a great experience with a friend or relative? Go to Lea’s. And what happens is when you get home and wear what you have bought…the joy and the ‘feel good’ lasts and lasts…Truly.

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