Handmade Turkish jewelry, bold & exotic

Sometimes all it takes is a necklace or bracelet to take an outfit from blah to bold. Turkish jewelry from Chanour is audacious and eye-catching.

Flavored by the Middle East, each piece is handmade and a little exotic, drawing on the 5,000+ year tradition of jewelry making in Turkey. Geometric designs, repeating patterns, and coin-inspired pieces make a statement.

Made from pewter that’s silver plated for shine and texture, Chanour jewelry is free of nickel and lead. It’s lightweight and won’t discolor the skin.

People will think you spent a small fortune for these pieces, but Chanour’s jewelry is quite affordable. Maybe we can keep that our little secret.

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  • Chanour. Pewter Bracelet. #2513.

  • Chanour. Bronze Necklace. #BRN1056.

  • Chanour. Bronze Necklace. #BRN1043.

  • Chanour. Bronze Necklace.

  • Chanour. Pewter Necklace. #SLVR1075.

  • Chanour Necklace. Pewter Necklace. #1562.

  • Chanour. Pewter Bracelet. #CHB02.

  • Chanour. Pewter Earrings. #ZE201.

  • Chanour. Pewter Earrings. #NE1229.


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