Yesterday, Carol and I ventured up to Chatham to visit Lea’s, the clothing store you recommended.
It was a great experience! We got there right after they opened and were greeted by the resident dog and cat! — Very friendly and well behaved!
Carol spent over an hour with Lea, who was really great at suggesting various pieces. In the end, Carol got one pair of slacks and three very nice tops, and had many other items that looked very nice as well.
What made things even nicer for me, they had one or two nice chairs for me to sit on as Carol tried on various pieces!
Clothes shopping with Carol usually involves lots of looking and no purchases. This, as you suggested it would be, was a VERY different experience. We will go back, as soon as my credit card recovers!!!
We also had lunch at the very nice restaurant, immediately north of the Lea’s. Excellent food and service! Another great recommendation!
So, Carol and I want to thank you VERY much for the recommendations. We really enjoyed the experience. And, more importantly, Carol was able to find some things that fit her and her taste and even looked fine to me!!

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