It’s never a fun sight when colorful clothes begin to fade. Although some may assume fading is part of clothing’s lifecycle, you can find many ways to combat the process from happening too soon. To keep your wardrobe long-lasting and vibrant, check out these top tips to prevent your clothes from fading. Don’t worry; keeping your clothes vibrant doesn’t require a complex process, but it requires more prep before each wash cycle.

Follow the Instructions

One of the best tips is also the easiest; stick to the washing instructions for each piece in your wardrobe. Your clothes should have tags that display how to wash and dry them; every piece is different, so reading each tag will help you avoid making mistakes on laundry day.

For instance, we carry various fantastic Alembika dresses that can bring more personality and comfort to your wardrobe. However, beyond sizes and colors, each of our online listings features washing instructions because we want to help you keep your clothes intact and beautiful for a long time.

Clean With Care

It might sound strange at first, but one of the top tips to prevent your clothes from fading is turning them inside out when washing and drying. Inverting your outfits is helpful because it prevents the surface of your clothes from rubbing against each other. Otherwise, rubbing the surfaces together can result in them wearing and fading over time. This method protects the exterior of your clothing without hindering its ability to get fresh and clean in the wash.

Separate Colors Carefully

Tossing clothes of various colors into the washer and dryer together typically won’t result in the clothes falling into pieces. Thus, it’s easy to overlook separating colors before each wash cycle. Taking the extra time to group dark, white, and colorful clothes into their own cycles will help them mix better while they wash and dry. Instead of fading, your clothes will retain their original color, whether blue, black, or beyond.

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