If you spend any time browsing social media sites like Instagram or TikTok, you’ll notice thousands of people showing off their style to the world. We here at Lea’s would like to provide seven tips for discovering your own authentic style that you can utilize to make yourself shine bright.

1. Authentic Doesn’t Have To Mean Unique

A common pitfall people run into is a fear that they’re only being authentic when they’re doing something that no one else has done before. If you focus too hard on making a one-of-a-kind statement, you risk losing yourself in favor of something you may not even like.

2. Use Your Whole Self to Your Advantage

Is your hair naturally curly? Instead of spending hours messing with a hot straightener every morning, look for ways to incorporate that curliness into your style. If you have a lean figure, find clothes to suit your style and accentuate your features. This tip isn’t to say you should change your body to fit your preferences; using what you already have is a great place to start learning what works for you.

3. Try Something New

One of the most important tips for discovering your own authentic style is having the courage to try something outside your comfort zone. Take an occasional harmless risk—buy that ornate piece of jewelry or try parting your hair a little differently.

4. Find Colors That Complement You

Everyone has their natural colors; your skin tone, hair, and eyes all have colors that complement you. You could spend so much of your life never knowing that certain shades look amazing on you because you might not look for colors that match your body. Seek out complementary colors to find what makes your natural tones pop.

5. Focus on What You Like

Finding your authentic style means keeping some hold on what you enjoy and what interests you. It’s always good to try new things, but authenticity means staying true to your preferences while exploring other options. For example, it’s great if you enjoy muted colors—consider exploring new outlets that offer those shades, like CP Shades clothing. Find shops with pieces you like, and see what other opportunities they might have available.

6. Take Inspiration From Icons

Everyone has someone who inspires them, whether it’s a family member or pop culture icon. You don’t necessarily want to copy them outright, but pay attention to what they’re wearing if you feel your style aligns with theirs. Gather ideas and mold them to your own vision.

7. Have Fun

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to have fun. Finding your authentic style isn’t meant to be stressful or exhausting. When you have fun discovering what suits you, you radiate a sincerity that shines brighter than following any trend.

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