Whether you want to hit up a beachside resort or experience the sights and culture of a big city, summer is a great time to travel. A common problem many people encounter when traveling is overpacking; bulky luggage isn’t fun to carry around and comes with greater challenges when going through airports. Fortunately, we’ve got seven secrets to packing light for summer vacation that will reduce stress so you can start relaxing much sooner.

1. Use Versatile Clothing

One of the easiest ways to pack light is by using versatile clothing options that you can mix and match with other pieces. Neutral colors and styles, like the clothes from LIV by Habitat, make it easier to wear that black blouse you wore shopping on Monday with another outfit when you grab brunch on Thursday.

2. Wear Heavier Items

You don’t typically need a lot of heavy layers in the summer, but if you find yourself with a few bulky articles of clothing, it’s a good idea not to pack them. Instead, wear anything cumbersome on the plane so you can bring those items without worrying about fitting them into a suitcase.

3. Utilize Packing Cubes

Clothes take up a lot of space when packing. Fortunately, packing cubes are a great way to fit everything into your suitcase in a more compact manner. Packing cubes may seem like just one more thing to pack, but the compression ensures you have extra space in the long run.

4. Bring Two Pairs of Shoes

No matter your trip length, you should only pack two pairs of shoes. With two pairs in your bag and one on your feet throughout travel, you will have a few versatile pairs that work for any situation you encounter on your vacation.

5. Use a Smaller Suitcase

A great secret for packing light for summer vacation is resisting the temptation to fill up that big suitcase; if you grab your big bag from the start, you’ll be inclined to fill it. Start with a smaller suitcase and try to pack with that size in mind. In the end, if you need a little more space, load what you have into the bigger case. It’s okay if you don’t fill it—just think of it as leaving room for souvenirs.

6. Pack Solid Toiletries

Not only are solid toiletry options like shampoo, lotion, and soap bars generally smaller and more lightweight than their liquid alternatives, they are less likely to make a mess in your suitcase. If you still need certain liquid toiletries, hotels usually provide the necessities.

7. Include Travel Laundry Kits

When packing minimally, you might have to do a bit of laundry. Rather than trying to find a laundromat in an unfamiliar area, there are many travel-size laundry options that let you clean things up right in your hotel bathroom. A load of bathtub laundry may not be in your vacation plans, but the space you save when packing makes it worthwhile.

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