Now that summer’s here, the temperatures are picking up, and it’s getting harder to enjoy a day outside without working up a sweat. Fortunately, there are some style tips to help you stay cool this summer, and here are five of our personal favorites.

1. Avoid Layers

Layers are great in the winter, but additional jackets, scarves, and other add-ons bring a lot of potential for heat with them. Keeping your outfit in one or two layers prevents the fabric from building up and helps keep you cooler on those warm days.

2. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Summer is the best time to avoid less breathable fabrics like polyester. Cotton is one of the best materials to keep cool air flowing through the fabric. A bonus with cotton is that it dries quickly, so if you sweat, it will dry fast and help you remain cool for an extended period.

3. Keep It Loose

The tighter your clothes are to your skin, the more your internal body temperature warms them up, making them warm you up. A big style tip for staying cool this summer is focusing on looser outfits. Sundresses, loose blouses, and skirts are excellent ways to avoid excess heat. For loose clothing options, we suggest looking online for CP Shades clothing.

4. Wear Open Shoes

Our feet need to breathe, especially when walking down the street on a hot summer day. Instead of throwing on socks and closed shoes or constrictive heels, consider breezier alternatives, such as sandals or open-toed flat shoes.

5. Focus on Lighter Colors

The final and perhaps biggest tip for staying cool in the summer is focusing on light colors. Whites, creams, pastels, and bright colors do a great job reflecting the sun’s rays off of you. Darker colors absorb too much heat and aren’t great for those hot afternoons.

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