Each part of an outfit, from a pair of pants to a fabulous wristwatch, can bring something unique to the look. For example, if you find yourself with an exquisite outfit but can’t find the right shoes to match, how do you find a solution besides choosing a pair randomly? Don’t worry; once you learn the many methods to try, matching shoes to outfits can be exciting instead of frustrating. Take a peek below to find the ultimate guide to matching shoes to your outfit for any occasion. Whether the occasion is casual or high-end, we’ll help you choose footwear that is ready to support you—both literally and aesthetically.

Classic Color Coordination

When it comes to planning exciting outfits, your ideas can come from many inspirations, with one of the best being color combinations. Color is such a vital tool in fashion because of the emotions it can stir and the way it highlights specific components. For instance, you can always match the color of your shoes to the dress you’re wearing. That way, everything ties together cohesively while still looking attractive on its own.

That said, don’t be afraid to deviate from matching colors exactly. Just because you wear red shoes doesn’t mean you have an obligation to wear the red dress, and vice versa. In some cases, precise matching can be stunning, but letting your creativity run wild can lead to incredibly fun discoveries. Red shoes with a black dress creates a striking contrast, which can be brilliantly eye-catching.

Plus, having contrasting elements can help each component stand out instead of blend together; both approaches work, but the right choices come down to your preferences. The vibrance of red and the darkness of black ensure that each color pops on its own. Furthermore, one of the best ways to choose your color scheme is by keeping a theme in mind.

Thematic Pairings

When putting together an outfit that fits well with your shoes, whether for a special event or running errands, having a distinct theme will give you a great starting point. For instance, if you’re planning an elegant outfit for a cool fall day, consider using seasonal colors to coordinate your getup. Likewise, if you’re going to a festive and lively event, wear shoes that showcase bright colors that reflect those same effects. If you can’t find the right pair of shoes to wear, step back and think about what fits the occasion.

Pairing Patterns

Beyond the theme of an event or season, consider a theme in terms of patterns. In other words, if you want matching clothes but still want a distinct flair, then pair your shoes with clothes that feature the same or similar patterns.

Whether the pattern is floral, leopard print, or somewhere in the middle, creating this cohesion between your attire is a great way to match outfits together. Moreover, although these patterned pieces pair magnificently together, you can still use them individually for other outfits. Suffice it to say, investing in versatile clothing and footwear can open many exciting doors for your wardrobe.

Mixing Function & Fashion

Like any piece in your wardrobe, shoes differ in comfort and beauty. When browsing stylish shoes to add to your closet, keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for an astounding design. On the other hand, don’t think you have to sacrifice an elegant design for a more comfortable fit. For example, as you can see from our Prairie Cotton brand clothing library, these designs are cozy but they still feature unique and attractive designs.

Simply put, be patient and browse your options until you find the perfect match. A perfect match might sound like a big ask, but the only scale your wardrobe has to account for is yours. After all, walking around in uncomfortable shoes can turn a fun night into something far less enjoyable, no matter how great those shoes look. However, there’s more to mixing function and fashion than comfort.

For example, you must consider the seasons, too. Of course, seasons can play into your outfit’s theme, but remember that your footwear is crucial for traversing through snow, mud, and other weather-related issues. In other words, even if you’re considering a pair of shoes that you love, think to yourself, will these be suitable for the climate I’m traversing through? Even special footwear like summer sandals or winter boots can mix fashion and function perfectly.

Lean Into Layers

A creative and eye-catching way to play with your color choice is layering. For example, imagine you have bright blue shoes that pair exceptionally well with your blue coat. Wearing these together creates a wonderfully uniform look, but there’s more to outfits than shoes and coats. Beneath the coat, your clothes can feature a different hue that compliments the color of your shoes in a totally different way. In doing so, you can easily create an outfit that is both versatile and visually dynamic; two great attributes of any getup.

The Perfect Addition

Finding yourself with an outfit idea that is missing that special touch is frustrating. Luckily, sometimes all it takes is that one eye-catching accessory to bring the whole outfit together in a show-stopping way. So, when you find yourself in this situation, break out your shoes and experiment with pairings.

Finding fantastic outfit ideas can be as easy as swapping pieces and seeing what works, especially if you have a versatile wardrobe to play with. Don’t shy away from experimenting with certain clothes that you think might match well but aren’t entirely sure. Trying out new shoe and outfit combos is an excellent way to find your style.

Thanks to this ultimate guide to matching shoes to your outfit, you can start choosing footwear with more creativity and confidence. To some, shoes might seem like a minute aspect of an entire outfit. However, for those who take pride in stylish designs, homing in on those small details is what makes or breaks a fabulous outfit. The term “matching” might conjure ideas of shoes that look identical to your clothes, but, as you now know, the word is a bit broader than that.

The Ultimate Guide To Matching Shoes To Your Outfit

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