Lea’s caters to the forgotten women; she wants to look fashionable, but she is not willing to give up comfort to do so. Our comfortable clothing lines reflect women in their best light. By carefully masking any “situations” they have carried through the years, we can showcase their best features. There does not have to be any sacrifice to look fashionable at Lea’s.

Lea’s provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where women can enjoy one on one attention and assistance. We can help women choose clothing to showcase their shape and work best for their lifestyle.

Lea’s carries sophisticated fashion forward for women of all shapes and sizes in an atmosphere of excitement and good energy. There is nothing intimidating about us or the boutique. We have customers who have been shopping with us for the last 16 years. That loyalty can only mean that we are supplying something that our customer desire. A comfortable shopping atmosphere brimming with fashions you won’t find anywhere. We carefully hand pick clothing from price points and styles. We competitively price and strive to keep our ever changing selection of fashion arriving seasonally.

Lea’s Offers Sophisticated Comfortable Clothing

Clothing makes the woman. “I’m not a perfect size 8,” “I’ve had children,” “I have a tummy,” “I like to disguise,” “I also happen to be at my happiest when I’m comfortable,” “nothing ridiculously tight,” “fabric that feels luxurious against my skin is a mood lifter.” I feel more confident when I know I look good, which makes me better at my job, guiding you to pick comfortable clothing that makes you feel better and show off your best assets, whilst minimizing the features that you would rather keep secret.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing clothing while assisting others pick the perfect outfit. I enjoy and truly find fulfillment when someone expresses how much the clothing in our boutique has influenced their life in a pleasing positive way. It’s long overdue that I have an online presence and strive to do what I do best, outfit women in clothing that builds them up, boosts self esteem and confidence and essentially creates a feeling of joy and well being. For the last 16 years we have strived to build a thriving bricks and mortar boutique where women become repeat customers. It’s time now to build an online presence and and an online store to offer women from all over, the opportunity to find quality, figure flattering fashions for all lifestyles at their fingertips.

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