I cannot say enough about Lea and Rob and their store Lea’s. I have known them for at least 15 years. I started out as a costumer but then became a friend, I even helped in the store occasionally.
I live over 800 miles away now and still chat, FaceTime and of course online shop from afar! Free shipping of course! I have Bryn Walker, Cut loose, and Chalet leggings that I have had for 10 years. They are my favorites, my go-to, my most comfortable and most flattering. The aren’t shiny, and don’t pill up. Wash well too. I do take care of my nice things, but these just take care of themselves because they are high quality. Worth the price. Many years of wear they have seen and still look flattering, comfortable and fresh.
My Color Me Cotton (CMC) long hoodies that are so flattering and stylish that every time I wear them I get compliments as they are so unique. They are like fancy, long sophisticated zip up hoodies/sweatshirts-in many colors and floral patterns. I live in these all Fall and Winter.
My love for Hobo bags was fueled by Lea. I have several and am a huge fan of the Lauren wallet – of which I will never own any other.
A Bryn Walker black cotton fleece cloak hangs in my hallway and is used anywhere from a blanket coat as I watch tv, to a bathrobe, to a dress coat for dinner. I love this thing! I am looking to get another for backup! It’s served me well for over 10 years!
In my closet hangs numerous outfit sets from Lea’s that are timeless/ageless; Luna Luz, April Cornell, Flax, Iridium, Fat Hat, Joseph Ribkoff. I clear out my closet every year, but somehow my Lea’s purchases never make the cut! They stand through times. Never become outdated, tired looking or boring. They continue to get worn through the seasons and amongst the changes in my life and my body.
I cannot speak highly enough about owners Lea and Rob, their personalities and honesty and helpfulness; their Shop, their merchandise, and most importantly their commitment to serving their customers with valuable high quality goods.
Please shop local and support small, honest, hard working family businesses like this one – who is continuously giving back to the community in many ways.— at Lea’s.

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