Creating your own style might seem easy, but there’s a lot that goes into it. It’s not always about wearing what the fashion magazines say is the next big trend. Finding your own style is a journey of personal reflection, analyzing your current clothing options, and seeing what mix-and-match pieces feel right. Only you can create a wardrobe that’s uniquely yours, but here are a few of Lea’s tips to help you start the process and see what you can discover.

Defining Personal Style

Before you start looking to expand, adjust, or even wholly reset your wardrobe, it’s a good idea to know what personal style means. The same way people have a writing style geared toward poetry or a cooking style focusing on spiciness, your unique style is what you focus on when it comes to your appearance.

When you look through a fashion magazine, you might see a model wearing an outfit that looks nice, but you can’t imagine yourself wearing that. This is because you have a different personal style, and that’s normal. In fact, having that understanding of your personal style is one of the most important steps when designing your unique wardrobe.

Describing Your Brand

One way to start figuring out your personal style and designing your wardrobe is to look at what you already have. Look through your closet and drawers and find your favorite pieces. Look for the outfits or individual components that make you the happiest. We recommend creating a list of adjectives that you think best describes what you’ve put together. Adjectives like vintage, chic, modern, peppy, or eclectic are invaluable when analyzing and expressing your personal style.

Once you feel like you have a good list of words to describe your style, begin sorting through your clothes. Look for pieces that capture that style or at least don’t go against it. It’s OK to keep some outfits that don’t fit your personal brand, like having a formal dress that clashes with your more casual brand, but this is a good exercise for narrowing things down and discovering where to go from here.

Making Adjustments to Existing Pieces

A common concern that many people encounter when trying to create their own unique wardrobe is feeling like they can’t pick out anything they find at a major retailer. If you buy a cute top from Wet Seal that matches your style, is it still distinct as part of your style? The answer is yes, as you can still make it your own and work it into your day-to-day life however you want.

However, some people may go beyond incorporating the piece into their wardrobe and might want to adjust it to make it completely original. Small changes like swapping out the buttons on a jacket or attaching some patches add a touch of personal flair. For more considerable changes, like hemming the bottom to be a little shorter or adjusting the sleeves, you may want to find a tailor or learn to make these alterations yourself.

Looking to the Past To Affect Your Present

Every piece of clothing you wear tells a story. The history behind a piece may be the thing that makes it fit your personal style and might be the piece you’ve been trying to find. Every accessory has some history behind it. Yes, sometimes that story is that you bought it at a major chain, which isn’t very exciting on its own. However, don’t be afraid to ask your mom or your grandma about some of their old accessories. Your grandmother may have bought a bracelet at a chain store, but what if they no longer exist, or she bought it during an interesting time period?

Think About Your Signature Colors

So you have a rough idea of what your personal style is. You made your list of adjectives, and you’re looking for articles of clothing and accessories that capture that style. However, you may still find pieces that seem perfect but don’t match what you want. This may partially be in part to the color. Everybody has specific colors they think best bring out their aesthetic style.

When you find a piece you like, it may be a good idea to explore what other color options are available. For example, someone may have trouble pulling off the color yellow, but they discovered that burgundy works well with their natural complexion. Alembika clothing offers a lot of earthier tones that are good if you want a more casual or chic look but have a lot of black neutral options for those looking for more of an accompanying piece in their wardrobe. Color is one of the most fundamental parts of creating a wardrobe that’s uniquely yours, so don’t be afraid to discover which palettes best match you.

Following Fashion Trends

A significant step in making your unique wardrobe is looking at what others are doing. That may seem counter-intuitive, but there’s a substantial difference between copying what you see in magazines and drawing your own inspiration from the major trends right now. Rather than just buying the complete outfit you see someone wearing online, look and see if those shoes match well with a skirt you already own. Do you have a light jacket that would look amazing over that blouse?

Many people worry too much that being unique means doing or wearing things that nobody else has, and that’s not true at all. If you focus too much on solely being different, you may lose sight of what’s true to yourself. It’s OK to take inspiration from others or buy that mass-produced top. The most important thing is that the piece stands out to you. Only you can decide what does or doesn’t fit your personal style and if a piece deserves a spot in your closet.

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How To Create a Wardrobe That’s Uniquely Yours

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