You don’t always have time to go home and change your entire outfit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a few quick and straightforward alterations to swap from day to night with ease. Here are six of the simplest ways to take a casual outfit from day to night and how you can prepare for such an occasion.

1. Swapping Your Shoes

Sometimes all it takes to bring an outfit from day to night is a change in footwear. Taking off those neutral pumps and slipping on a pair of tall stilettos can do wonders. Hopefully, you have a place to store your old shoes safely so that you don’t have to carry them in your bag all evening.

2. Freshen Up Your Makeup

If you have the time, touching up your makeup can do wonders. Some extra eyeliner or a hot new shade of lipstick may be just the thing you need to make a big splash when you hit your nighttime scene.

3. Switch Out Your Handbag

During the day, you may have a big handbag that’s practical but not so fashionable. One way to take a casual outfit from day to night is to have a different bag to carry with you through the evening that matches your ensemble a bit better.

4. Exciting New Jewelry

Earrings that make a statement are exceptionally trendy right now. If you don’t have much time to make significant changes to your outfit or much room to carry anything too big, changing your earrings may be the way to go. Some elegant chandelier earrings take you from lunch break to happy hour in seconds.

5. Versatile Clothing Options

Versatile clothing is ideal when trying to transition from day to night attire. Many designers offer versatile clothing that works in semi-formal or casual situations. Kozan women’s clothing offers patterns, forms, and styles that match multiple social occasions and are ideal for taking you from one gathering to the next.

6. Add Layers

When in doubt, an extra layer works wonders when going from day to night. An eye-catching shawl or a form-fitting blazer is excellent over a functional blouse, while a bomber jacket looks good for more of a casual get-together.

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