When we launched our website (approx. 3 years ago) we had our webmaster add a “blog page”. I had all good intentions to use it too, but honestly, we were trying to wrap ourselves around the actual business of running and managing an e-commerce site. We meandered along for a couple of years, starting, stopping, not being entirely serious about it and something shifted in Robert. Robert, (my husband, the guy behind the scenes that does everything around here from registering us for buying trips, events, shipping our merchandise, maintenance, photography and social media, management of the website and the store, whew, he’s a powerhouse!!) So, about a year and a few months ago Robert begins to get serious about this e-commerce site and starts putting in lots of energy. He begins to get sales and puts in even more effort, so like a snowball gathering more snow, Robert is building this online business of ours. Of course I haven’t sat idly by, my one job with the website is to write the “copy” of descriptions of everything that goes onto the website for sale, but that’s where it ended for me.

The Blog Page Remains Quiet.

There are loads of underlying reasons……..busy, yes, but who doesn’t lead a busy life?. Procrastination, yes, that too, but i still manage to get tasks done even with this unfortunate trait of mine (mostly thanks to Robert who does not carry this gene, thankfully, and holds the power to motivate me daily, yay for that)!

Honestly, it comes down to fear, i didn’t want to start a blog and not actually do a good job. I didn’t want to write one blog and never write another, (stay tuned:) just kidding). I’ve never blogged before. I don’t keep a journal……i had a diary for a hot minute somewhere in my pre-teen years until my brother found it and mercilessly teased me about what I’d written in it, (thanks bro!)

I’m just not inclined to write, I didn’t know how to get started, how to write my first blog entry, so here it is, my first blog post, a post why I haven’t been blogging.

As the website now seems to be coming along now with all the efforts of Robert, I’m convincing myself I can also put energy in and introduce our lovely store to you, and what we are all about. Ultimately to give you, our future customers( and current) a look inside Lea’s. So now I have bared my soul to you and admitted I’m a procrastination of the worst kind. Stay tuned for the next post. I have a feeling I’ll have Robert, gently prodding me, pushing me along the way, and if he doesn’t, I hope you enjoy my one and only blog post about why I haven’t blogged.

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