” Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort ”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Hi!, you found my brand-new blog on my brand-new e-commerce site. I’m excited! It seemed fitting to introduce the blog with this quote as it’s been almost a year that Rob (my husband) and I have been working on this website, we are thrilled that it’s finally launched. Rob’s my partner in crime,  chief shipper, office manager, media mogul,website administrator,  un-packer of boxes, (sometimes many at once), chef and creator of all things delicious at our many events that we host at the store and a slew of other stuff but I’m getting way ahead of myself here!  I have a tendency to do that…….  In all seriousness, we both worked really hard in all aspects on this project.  We worked endlessly over the last year on how we wanted the layout of this e-commerce site, we wrote content, scrapped what we wrote, and wrote it again, and did that like a million times over again.  We both knew it would be a lot of work and take a great deal of commitment, but here we are.  I’m writing my first ever blog on my brand-spanking-new e-commerce site.

Why am I writing a blog?’

To be honest, I’m not a writer, I’m a great talker, but I’m not a writer…but I’m writing from my heart, just like I run the store, so give me a chance.  I love people, conversations, socializing, clothing, fashion and putting it all together which pretty much = “Lea’s”.  In the almost 17 years I’ve been operating a clothing boutique, (Happy birthday in May!) I’ve made a lot of amazing connections with women.  Some of these ladies have shopped my boutique from the very beginning.  They have watched the shop (and me!) evolve and change over the years, and definitely grow! I started in a tiny space, moved to a slightly bigger space, and now 4 years this very month expanded to over 2000 square feet of retail shopping bliss.

Back to why I am writing a blog…..

I want to connect with people.  I want to connect with people who love clothing and fashion as much as I do. Maybe you know what works, maybe you want a little guidance, maybe you want a lot more than that, maybe you are here by mistake but my amazing writing has you spellbound and you can’t tear yourself away!  I seriously make myself laugh…I hope you know I am giggling right now, this is kind of fun!  Now I am wondering if you are smiling right now….if you came to visit me at the shop, I could certainly make you laugh.

Okay!, slightly sidetracked but I do that, it’s one of my quirks, you will learn to love me if you stick around because we have to smile and laugh, don’t we?

If I can capture(even just a little bit) the essence of what makes this shop “Lea’s”, give you a little peak into  what makes “Lea’s” go round, then you will begin to understand why we are still here, after 17 years.  I’ve lots of ideas for future blogs, that’s easy, everyday is a story here,perhaps even a reality show.  I want to blog about topics we chat about in the store, it’s not always fashion based, although often enough,it is.  We talk about everything, maybe you will feel compelled to comment and start another conversation.

I will do my best to give my most expertise answer in this crazy, wonderful world of fashion.  Maybe you, like so many of the women who shop my boutique will take a baby step, or even a leap in a new fashion direction…..maybe you will keep on styling in your own individual way because that’s cool too.  Whatever your involvement, I hope you will join me as I write about the exploits and explorations of fashion and life and share in the celebration of all that complete us.  Stay tuned!

Lea xoxo


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